The Press Photo Expo 2017

at Jabłkowski Brothers Trading House on 2nd and 3rd floor

25 Bracka street in city centre, at heart of Warsaw

are invited!!!
Meeting place for photographers
16th January, 2017

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Registration for visitors

It’s place to share our knowledge and experience!

We will talk about photo “know-how”!

Newest equipment and new technology of course!

Fair Press Photo Expo 2017:

  1. photo exhibitions

  2. lawyer consulting desk

  3. photographer Joe Klamar - guest from Agence France Presse

  4. workshop: insurance for photographers

  5. workshop: self-presentation for photographers

  6. workshop: finance

  7. “haute couture” about savoir-vivre and dress code for photographers

  8. discussion about photojournalist’s Ethic Code

  9. project “Healthy Photographer” - workshop about physiotherapy for photographers

  10. workshop: flash studio with regular studio flashes

  11. Check & Clean (Canon - CPS) and (Nikon - NPS).

On this event professionals meet each other in one place to focus on offering designed specifically for them.

This is the fourth edition of the Press Photo Expo.

The previous meeting was successful and reflected a big echo in the professional environment.

In the last edition it was attended by nearly 700 professional photographers.